Our philosophy.

In the courtroom, there is no second place.  Effective criminal representation begins with the determination and skill to fight for your interests at every stage of the prosecution.  Confidence in this job is learned only from years spent in the criminal courts trying cases without fear.  Mastering the subtleties of criminal law and winning cases begins with law school but can only be refined with dedication to research, briefing, mastering the rules of evidence, the various defenses and human nature.  Often, your fate is determined by the nature and personalities of the judge or jurors selected to hear the evidence.

Each arrest is an opportunity.  Being arrested often results from factors in our lives that are confusing to us.  In a perfect world, no one chooses to be arrested.  Many times anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, alcohol or substance abuse and childhood abuse are left undiagnosed and untreated.  What’s more, many people will continue to get arrested unless and until their attorney takes an interest in what caused their behavior in the first place.  Therefore, we make human nature our study.  We take the time to answer the question “what will it take to make this the last time you get arrested?”  Often the answer is drug or alcohol counseling.  Frequently it’s mental health counseling or getting help finding your way out of a toxic relationship.  Occasionally, it’s a question of how to land a job or even how to improve your prospects of getting a better-paying job.  Ever considered writing a 5 year plan?  Or going back to school? We take a complete, comprehensive approach to legal counseling. 

Criminal defense attorney in Indianapolis.