Criminal law is all we do.

Indianapolis criminal defense attorney. We practice criminal law on every level including the federal, state and appeals courts.  We approach each representation as if it were a federal case because we understand that your life has been turned upside down and can only return to normal with vigorous representation.  The facts are investigated, the issues are researched and the client thoroughly educated in criminal law.

We maintain an open door policy, meeting with each client and their family as often as necessary to ensure a complete understanding of their case, their background, their counseling needs and the likely outcomes of their case.

The importance of focus.  In this business, knowledge and power are the exact same thing.  We are all familiar with the saying jack of all trades, master of none.  Lawyers are no exception to this rule.  At J. Edgar Law Offices, PC, we focus exclusively on criminal law.  Because of the complexity of protecting your constitutional rights and keeping up with the changes made in criminal law every week, you gain an advantage by hiring counsel that has dedicated their career to a complete understanding of your particular legal situation.  Many lawyers claim to focus exclusively on criminal defense but here’s a tip – search their name.  Are they also marketing for divorce, personal injury and wills and trusts?