Jamie Edgar.

About James Edgar (Jamie)  

Jamie became a lawyer in 1995.  Prior to that, he worked his way through law school as a bailiff in the Marion County courts.  He graduated from DePauw University with honors in 1989.  He graduated from law school at Indiana University with Dean’s List and Top Paper  honors. 

He spent several years at the Prosecutor’s Office in Indianapolis early in his career handling cases from murder and robbery to DUI and simple misdemeanors.  This included 3 years prosecuting major felony drug dealing cases and tackling complicated suppression issues. 

Jamie now takes criminal cases on the highest levels, including state and federal cases throughout the Midwest. He has handled some of the most complex cases to come through our courts including industrial espionage, murder, murder for hire, securities fraud and others. Frequently these involve very lengthy jury trials that require an extremely well-developed set of advocacy skills that few attorneys have.

Jamie is a former member of the IndyBar Board of Directors and former chair of their Criminal Justice Section. He is currently a member of the Indiana State Bar Association Criminal Justice Section. He has been a criminal attorney in Indianapolis for about 30 years.

He believes that every case, including the lowest misdemeanor, should be handled as if it were a federal case. "If it happens in a criminal courtroom, I want to be the best at it."

He studied at La Universidad de los Andes in  South America and is one of the few attorneys in Indianapolis who speaks Spanish.  As the child of a career Army officer and olympic figure skater, Jamie spent years in places like Afghanistan, Europe, South America, and West Africa.  After seeing revolution and complex cultural differences firsthand, he believes that people are the ultimate puzzle.  He restores vintage cars and motorcycles and has a knack for guessing people's middle names. 

"Beautiful cars are my weakness.  I started working on them with my dad as kid. Most evenings and weekends I'm in my garage scraping knuckles and getting grease under my nails. I believe the Quadrajet Carburetor is one of the finest examples of human engineering ever created."

"This was my first serious restoration effort. My high school crush was the 1984 Honda Interceptor and I never got over it. I bought this one on Craigslist for $400 and spent two years and too much money restoring it at home."