Open door policy.

Accessibility.  The most effective criminal defense lawyers are highly educated, motivated and accessible.  They employ a superior staff loyal to your interests.  An attorney who hasn’t met with you regularly or returned your phone calls may have mastered the law but they cannot represent  you effectively.  Why?  Sentences are based in large part on the defendant’s character and attitude.  Even your defense at trial may be based on your character.  By not getting to know you and missing out on your story, a lawyer will miss the most important parts of the criminal process.  There is no worse feeling than appearing in court on the big day with an attorney that hasn’t learned the first thing about you.  Ask us about our “open door” policy - we will meet with you and your family as often as necessary at no extra cost.

Fear of the unknown.  Being caught up in the criminal courts is frightening.  Not knowing what is happening is half of the problem.  Because of this, we put you through “Criminal Law 101.”  We describe in detail the nature of the charges against you, the elements the state must prove, the strength of the evidence needed, the difference between circumstantial and direct evidence, hearsay, the penalties involved, how defenses are proven, what rights you have and what decisions will have to be made along the way.  We never lose sight of the fact that this is your case and your future.