Precision criminal defense - on every level. Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney James (Jamie) Edgar has dedicated his career to criminal law since 1995. He is a former Major Felony Deputy Prosecutor. He accepts fewer cases so he and his professional staff can focus on each client more effectively. Many law offices adopt a high-volume business model. J. Edgar Law Offices, PC is a boutique criminal law firm.  Feeling like a number? 

Jamie spent several years at the Prosecutor’s Office in Indianapolis early in his career handling cases from murder and robbery to DUI and simple misdemeanors.  This included 3 years prosecuting major felony drug dealing cases and tackling complicated suppression issues. Criminal law is all we do. 

He now takes criminal cases on the highest levels, including state and federal cases throughout the Midwest. He has handled some of the most complex cases to come through our courts including industrial espionage, murder, murder for hire, securities fraud, and others. Frequently these involve lengthy jury trials that require an extremely well-developed set of advocacy skills that very few attorneys have. Our philosophy. 

In this business, knowledge and power are the exact same thing.  We are all familiar with the saying jack of all trades, master of none. Jamie strives to be outstanding at one thing - criminal law. The importance of focus. 

He is a former member of the IndyBar Board of Directors and former chair of the Criminal Justice Section.

If you're looking for an experienced Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer, we would love to work with you.

He believes that every case, including the lowest misdemeanor, should be handled as if it were a federal case. "If it happens in a criminal courtroom, I want to be the best at it." More about Jamie. 

The most effective lawyers are highly educated, motivated and accessible. Ask about our open door policy. 

Each arrest is an opportunity; Let's figure out if your legal troubles result from mental health challenges, drugs & alcohol, or just a toxic relationship. Make this your last arrest. 

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